Hackney Git Hub Repository

This is Hackney’s git hub repository where we would like to share our work to the citizens of Hackney that use our services. We encourage your feedback and suggestions on these repository. Content, feature suggestions and discussions are welcome via GitHub Issues on individual repositories. You may also propose changes to the content directly by submitting a pull request. Feedback collected will be considered for inclusion in the next release of the Hackney Services.

Service Design Tactics manual This tactics manual helps you take a problem and start to solve it, using the principles of service design. This outlines an approach to delivering services that increases our ability to be flexible, iterative and, most importantly, to focus on the needs of citizens of Hackney that uses our services. The repository for this is located in github at Service Design Tactics manual Repository

Hackney Agile Lifecyle This manual is our agile methodology lifecycle which covers different phases from Discover, Prototype, Build and Improve. The repository for this is located in github at Hackney Agile Lifecyle Repository