Rules we enforce#

  • Indentation is 4 spaces for tab

  • No whitespace

  • Public objects should be Pascal Case (e.g. PascalCase)

  • Local objects should be Camel Case (e.g. camelCase)

  • Class objects should be prefixed with an underscore

  • Using directives should be outside the namespace

  • No unused using directives

  • One new line at the end of every file

  • One class for a file

  • Prefer the language keyword for local objects and member access

  • Require accessibility modifiers for fields

  • No unused parameters for non-public methods

  • Use var where possible

  • Brackets on a new line

  • Comments on their own line

  • No writing to console


We have chosen to use .editorconfig with dotnet format

Dotnet Format#


  • Project site

  • Need to make a .ruleset file + stylecop.json to implement rules

  • Integrates with build