Listener Boilerplate - Base Listener


Events occur all the time throughout any application, they may for example be a database or file being updated, a timer firing or a message being sent, and sometimes additional processing is required elsewhere in the system as a result of them happening.

These events can be used to trigger AWS Lambda functions to perform the necessary processing.

In order to facilitate the creation of these functions there is a base template project that can be used to scaffold a "listener" Lambda function application. The template uses an extensible internal architecture designed to make implementing processing logic as simple as possible and comes with the following pre-built:

  • CircleCI pipline that just needs amending for your own specific project demands
  • Basic terraform configuration for development, staging and production environments.
  • Pre-configured setup of AWS Lambda logging and XRay.
  • Fully working example of a Simple Query Service (SQS) message event triggering processing to update DynamoDb.
  • Full unit test coverage of all sample code, including end-to-end tests using BDDfy.

The Template#

Start a new Listener application by using the Base Listener template!

There are comments throughout the code that start with TODO where specific things need to be changed or renamed when copying this template. Be sure to remove these comments when they aren't needed anymore.

The template creates a boilerplate listener application that would be triggered by an SQS message and updates some data in a DynamoDb database, but the type of trigger and logic implemented can of course be altered to suit any specific use case.

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