Release Notes

Target Audience#

All HackIT internal developers and external agencies developer collaborating on Hackney projects.


  • Align the API playbook with the new design system to maintain consistency across the board.
  • Self training modules
  • Serverless Lambda framework
  • Linting
  • Static Code Analysis
  • DevOps Practices (including videos)
  • Updated API boilerplate
  • Monitoring and alerts via Cloudwatch canaries.
  • Uptime Monitoring using X-Ray
  • Performance monitoring using Lambda Insight
  • Standardised Error Messages
  • Preferred Tech Stack
  • API Boilerplate - Base API
  • Clean Architecture
  • Entity Framework
  • AWS/ECS with Fargate
  • Lambda Functions
  • Docker Containers
  • Application Logging Guidelines
  • Lambda Authoriser
  • Setting Up DMS
  • Pipeline Implementation
  • End to End Training - Create your First endpoint video
  • Contact Us


We would be pleased to hear from you about our new iteration of the API Playbook. Please feel free to give us your feedback.