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Import files from google to s3

Preparing to import the file from Google drive#

  • Open the file you would like to import
  • Ensure that all columns have headers. Columns without headers will be lost
  • Click Share in the top right corner of the sheet
  • If the document is unnamed, name it
  • Paste in the service account email address you have been provided into the email box
  • Ensure the suggested email matches the service account email and select it
  • On the new window, choose from the dropdown on the right hand side and select Viewer
  • Uncheck the Notify people checkbox
  • Click Share
  • You will be asked to confirm sharing outside the organisation, click share anyway
  • Your file is now available for import

Getting file detail#

  • You will need to obtain the document key from the url

  • The document id is the portion of the url between and /edit#gid=0. See example below

    file id

Setting up the copier lambda#

  • Before setting up an AWS Glue job, ensure that the relevant department configuration for that account is set up in AWS

    • see Adding a department section in
  • Open the Data Platform Project. You'll need to have a Github account (which you can create yourself using your Hackney email) and have been added to the 'LBHackney-IT' team to view this project (you'll need to request this from Rashmi Shetty). If you don't have the correct permissions, you'll get a '404' error.

  • Navigate to the main terraform directory (data-platform/terraform)

  • Open the 65-g-drive-to-s3 terraform file

  • Switch to 'edit mode' (using edit button on top right)

  • Copy one of the modules above, paste at the bottom of the file and update the following fields:

    • module = "your-unique-module-name" (it is helpful to keep the same naming convention as your dataset/folder)
    • lambda_name = "Your lambda name" (this is what you'll see in the Glue console, can be the same as your module name)
    • file_id = "Your document id - see the Getting file detail section above"
    • file_name = "The name of the file you are importing including the file extension and using underscores instead of spaces"
    • service_area = "The name of the service area folder you would like to store in e.g. housing, social-care" (if this folder doesn't already exist in S3 you can name it here and this script will create it)
  • Committing your changes: The Data Platform team needs to approve any changes to the code, so your change won't happen automatically. To submit your change:
    • Provide a description to explain what you've changed
    • Select the option to create a new branch for this commit (i.e. the code you've changed). You can just use the suggested name for your branch.
    • Once you click 'Propose changes' you'll have the opportunity to add even more detail if needed before submitted for review.
    • You'll receive an email to confirm that your changes have been approved.