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Onboarding new users to the platform


  • You need to be a manager of the relevant Google group
  • The user you would like to add to the Google group has a Hackney GSuite account

Adding a user to a department#

  • To add a user to a Google group, follow the instructions here
  • If you would like the user to receive AWS email notifications, then ensure you set their subscription preference to "Each email" (see section 5.2 of this guide)
  • This can take up to two hours to sync with AWS

Creating a department on the Data Platform#

  • Create a Google group, with the name saml-aws-data-platform-collaborator-${department_name} as a template
    • You can do this by contacting the Hackney Service team via the ask-devops Slack channel
    • Ensure you specify at least one manager for the group you are creating. This person is responsible for adding/removing users to your department
    • Enable the collaborative inbox feature on your Google group by following step 2 in this guide. This will allow your group and its members to receive emails from outside the Hackney organisation as you will need to be able to receive AWS email notifications
  • Wait for 2 hours for the next AWS sync before moving onto the next step
  • Create a new department using the existing resources as a template
    • Specify google_group_display_name with the email address of the Google group you created earlier
    • Specify a unique name for the department, with a maximum of 16 characters