Production Testing Checklist

Production Testing Checklist#

The following tasks should be completed before every API deployment into production unless there is a valid reason to not complete a given task. This reason should be documented.

Naming conventions#

  • Endpoint URL follows the format of api/v#/controllerName
  • Other naming conventions are upheld in query params and responses as per the playbook naming guidance.


  • All workflows in the pipeline are passing (observe in CircleCI)
  • Response time of the API is not longer than the Lambda timeout
  • Check for long-running queries that might time out
  • List endpoint works with each search parameter
  • Limit and pagination is working
  • Data returned makes sense i.e. not loads of duplicates
  • Responses match the Swagger doc, if they don't for good reason, update Swagger
  • Values within responses are returned in the proper format
    - e.g. enums return the desired constant’s name/description and not its integer value in the enumeration; date/time is in a readable format

Configuration and security#

  • All entities are created in AWS in each environment (incl. correct subnets and any other required config)
  • Check all env vars
  • For example, make sure staging environment variables haven't been copied over to production without changing their values to the correct production values.
  • API keys are in place
  • API authentication is in place – no anonymous access


  • are logged in CloudWatch
  • Notifications are available when API is failing
  • Correct error responses are returned
  • vThe canaries for all endpoints that should have them
  • Check that canaries are passing
  • The canaries have someone subscribed to it
  • Tenants and Leaseholders canaries should send alerts to the Tenants-Leaseholders-alert SNS topic