Static Code Analysis

We have chosen to use ReSharper Command Line Tools.

Running locally#

This can be added to the project as a NuGet package.

FxCop runs code analysis when the project is built. Adding the FxCop NuGet package should allow us to run this locally and adding properties on the relevant project should cause this build to fail if there are any issues.

Setting up the failures for specific errors should be possible by adding the relevant setting to the .editorConfig file and to the project’s .csproj file.

It outputs warnings and errors after building the project in the respective code editor.

Running in the CI pipeline#

Since the analyser runs when the project is built, it runs as part of the build stage of the pipeline and uses the same settings for running the analyser locally.

The warnings messages could be suppressed from showing in the build pipeline by setting: dotnet_analyzer_diagnostic.severity = none in the .editorConfig file.

You can also add:


to the relevant project’s .csproj file.

Any errors that we want the build to fail on could be set by:

dotnet_diagnostic.<category or ruleId>.severity = error


  • Simple to set up

  • Installation of NuGet package

  • Setup analyser settings in the .editorConfig and in the project file

  • No changes to current CI config needed.


  • Depending on the volume of errors and the specificity of the errors we want to surface, this may require adding a lot of lines of code to the .editorConfig file.

  • Doesn’t seem to be an auto-correct function

    • (This wasn’t explored much)
  • No explicit documentation on how to set it up in a CI pipeline.

FxCop Warning Settings#

FxCop Error categories we have decided to NOT suppress#

  • CA1707: Identifiers should not contain underscores

  • CA1052: Static holder types should be Static or NotInheritable

  • CA1307: Specify StringComparison

  • CA1822: Mark members as static

  • CA1001: Types that own disposable fields should be disposable

  • CA1823: Avoid unused private fields

  • CA1051: Do not declare visible instance fields

FxCop Error Categories we have decided to suppress#

  • CA1032: Implement standard exception constructors

  • CA1062: Validate arguments of public methods

  • CA1303: Do not pass literals as localized parameters